** Please Read First **

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** Please Read First **

Post by Kimberly on Tue Jun 06, 2017 6:34 pm

Anyone can offer a WWO. Please make sure that all offers are copyright complaint.
When your offer closes, please edit your post & mark it as CLOSED.
Please fill all requests within a week. Once you have filled your requests, please edit
your post & mark it as CAN BE DELETED. That way, this section stays organized.

When requesting, please use your manners & follow the rules set by each tagger.
Please pick up your filled requests within two weeks. Please don't request after an
offer has been marked as CLOSED.

We have a few forums that are joining us for this special event. Please don't forget to
visit them during CHRISTMAS IN JULY for a little bonus fun. They will each have
their own section full of the holiday spirit, just like we do here at Wonderland.

Don't forget to write down your requests & which forum you requested them at!

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